Monday, 6 December 2010


I can't believe I almost forgot to blog about this on my ultimate catch up session. Maria bonita, the mexican where I did utter the words 'this is the best day of my life' over the guacamole. Located on umm al sheif road (or something) in jumeirah 3/ umm sequim, there lies heaven! Actually decent mexican food for once! Amazing gauc, delicious burritos, refried beans I would kill for!

See you soon, Maria!

DF in the Desert

Last weekend I ventured out of Dubai and headed to the desert! An indeed, it was quite deserted - sans a few ropey looking camels who came to visit at 5 am! Tasty arabic bread and beef koftas, watching the stars and forcing the guy with a guitar to play 'puff the magic dragon'. good times!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

DF down under

So I went off to Sydney on october 24th for almost a month of work... Two big auctions were happening and they needed some help! Sadly only a couple days off out of the month, but I loved Sydney! i didnt realise at all that it is actually quite cool - lots of good shopping, tasty food and pretty architecture... DF and SJ took a boat trip around the harbour, ate some tasty snapper, purchased some sweet owl items from a pop up shop(Little Venice in Paddington), drank excellent coffee (who knew Australians had such good coffee?), sold a polar bear, witnessed an excellent thunder and lightening storm and befriended a naughty koala! I also loved the Jacaranda trees - purple and so pretty!...

Long time no blog

So it has been a long time since i graced the blog with some blogging... this is due to insanely busy schedule at work - going to Australia for a month (work) and then moving house! But i am back and ready to blog, starting with my trip to Oz!

Friday, 1 October 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Thai Delight in Karama

Last night me and my husband ventured down to karama to take a look around and also try out Thai Terrace. I have to say I had my doubts about this Thai terrace, as I called ahead for directions and they explained they were next to Burger King at a major junction. However, we thought we would give it a go... After we got over our astonishment that there is indeed no terrace at Thai Terrace, we took a seat and ordered some water. The menu, to be honest, looked kind of insane. The place itself was cute in a kind of cafteria way - the giant fishtank looked a little sad, as one fish was trying to dig his way out and it reminded me a little of a Thai version of a Scottish cafe. The place overall was pretty charming though, so we sat down and ordered....

Spicy Fired Beef
Chicken Pa Naeng (which I have to order in every Thai place i go)
Sticky rice (which was truly the stickiest rice I have ever consumed)

And it was delicious! The best panaeng ever! EVER! we ate every single morsel of food to be found, and I saw what seemed to be an endless supply of delicious food floating past my table. I cannot wait for an excuse to go back here, and i HAVE ONE, AS i found it is remarkably close to the burjuman mall, which was also delightful.

Thursday, 30 September 2010

VISA the immigration office

I just had to blog about my experience at the immigration office. the whole time i was there i was kicking myself for leaving my iphone in the car, as I couldn't take any pictures. picture this...

You arrive at a large, rather utilitarian looking building. Every other person around you is wearing national dress, you are indeed the only person there wearing a sleeveless maxi dress and a slight frown. good thing you brought that pashmina! To continue, you make your way inside, only to realise you have actually entered a maze. Signs to point to different areas then suddenly, you are facing a dead end! or, if you are lucky, another inspiring quote from Sheikh mo. Finally, you see an information point, who explains you need to turn left, left, right, left then right at the sign (what sign?) but somehow you end up there... then you enter a queue only to find out you should be in the LADIES queue.... it goes on, i wont bore you with the rest, except of course, the entire reason i am writing this post. Where do you end up? In a falafel/shawarma shop where you pay and collect your visa. Seriously. you get your visa with fries... (optional)