Friday, 1 October 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Thai Delight in Karama

Last night me and my husband ventured down to karama to take a look around and also try out Thai Terrace. I have to say I had my doubts about this Thai terrace, as I called ahead for directions and they explained they were next to Burger King at a major junction. However, we thought we would give it a go... After we got over our astonishment that there is indeed no terrace at Thai Terrace, we took a seat and ordered some water. The menu, to be honest, looked kind of insane. The place itself was cute in a kind of cafteria way - the giant fishtank looked a little sad, as one fish was trying to dig his way out and it reminded me a little of a Thai version of a Scottish cafe. The place overall was pretty charming though, so we sat down and ordered....

Spicy Fired Beef
Chicken Pa Naeng (which I have to order in every Thai place i go)
Sticky rice (which was truly the stickiest rice I have ever consumed)

And it was delicious! The best panaeng ever! EVER! we ate every single morsel of food to be found, and I saw what seemed to be an endless supply of delicious food floating past my table. I cannot wait for an excuse to go back here, and i HAVE ONE, AS i found it is remarkably close to the burjuman mall, which was also delightful.