Monday, 13 September 2010

And another thing... Eid mubarak!

On Saturday I ventured down to the Dubai Mall...against the advice of the taxi driver who picked me up. "You shouldn't go down there! very bad!" I assumed he had caught sight of my bank statement but alas, no, he was in fact referring to the Eid holiday and the fact that everyone, and i mean EVERYONE, was at the Dubai Mall. My sister and I waited for two hours for a cab home from there - visualize above. We amused our selves by eavesdropping on three Irish girls behind us, fantasizing over the Cold Stone that was just out of reach, and playing "did he just cut in line?" / "I don't recognise any of these people".... If you are a sadist, have a unhealthy obsession with people watching or feel like imagining what hell looks like, head to the Dubai Mall on the next public holiday!

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