Tuesday, 21 September 2010


How can I sum up Nasimi? Ministry of sound + bikini's + alcohol + uae = Surprisingly fun!

I arrived at nasimi with my new pr friend to be greeted by what appeared to be newcastle on a friday night. Girls in bikini tops with a jean skirt, next to guys with tight jeans and v-neck tshirts. Shudder. I freely admit i expected the worst. After parting with a three digit sum to get in the door, I was greeted by something else much more up my street... food. Yes indeed, stir fry noodles and shawarmas of all varieties (well two - but still, i was happy!) i didnt sample these until much later (due to the fact i had filled up on some of that guacomole i mentioned in an earlier deet) but when I did I was happy.

The music was fun - which very much surprised me as a certified hater of all dance music. Turns out, it isnt that bad. combined with some Sol, some dancing and a shawarma and it was a good night all around ...

the icing on the top of the cake? watching drunk people in bikinis try to swim and dance at the same time. Its worth a visit just for that!

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