Thursday, 30 September 2010

VISA the immigration office

I just had to blog about my experience at the immigration office. the whole time i was there i was kicking myself for leaving my iphone in the car, as I couldn't take any pictures. picture this...

You arrive at a large, rather utilitarian looking building. Every other person around you is wearing national dress, you are indeed the only person there wearing a sleeveless maxi dress and a slight frown. good thing you brought that pashmina! To continue, you make your way inside, only to realise you have actually entered a maze. Signs to point to different areas then suddenly, you are facing a dead end! or, if you are lucky, another inspiring quote from Sheikh mo. Finally, you see an information point, who explains you need to turn left, left, right, left then right at the sign (what sign?) but somehow you end up there... then you enter a queue only to find out you should be in the LADIES queue.... it goes on, i wont bore you with the rest, except of course, the entire reason i am writing this post. Where do you end up? In a falafel/shawarma shop where you pay and collect your visa. Seriously. you get your visa with fries... (optional)

1 comment:

  1. yum. better than the dmv, definitely. although sounds like you have to jump through almost as many figurative hoops.