Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove
Last night I was craving an authentic Indian curry... So I headed down to Coconut Grove at the Rydges Plaza with an equally hungry companion. And boy, was I happy! The restaurant itself - on the 9th floor - was quiet at seven thirty, but instead of being weird it felt private and we could laugh all we liked raucously without disturbing anyone. We decided to start the night with some cocktails which came in holiday-ish glasses with maraschino cherries and slices of lemon... they were indeed as retro as the decor, but they were delicious and totally worked with the vibe of the restaurant. We tucked into onion bhajis to start - served with a huge dollop of ketchup. ketchup?! The bhajis were delicious with a light batter and just the right amount of spice!
For mains we tucked into Goan fish curry, coconut rice, veggie biryani and a daal makhani - which were all fabulously authentic and spicy! The buttered naan was wonderful also. In retrospect for two people I would suggest sharing a rice and a naan, as it seemed (although we were indeed stuffed) that we had hardly eaten a bite.
Tasty food washed down with some cool draught Tiger beer and good views? I am on it!
8/10 :)


  1. me too! i can just hear the raucous laughter and the sweet sounds of chomping!!